OP Procedures

This page contains two main sections:

  • How to's
  • Diagnostic of faults (at the end)

How to's:


  1. Reset of Linac3 source RF generator Sairem2


  1. How to commission the NOMINAL beam step by step (ppt) (pdf)
  2. Sequences to power ON/OFF circuits
  3. Sequences to power ON/OFF e-cooler
  4. RF Sequences
  5. Access Sequences
  6. How to reset Linac3 Thomson cavity
  7. How to advance the RF capture
  8. Interlock on number of injections into LEIR
  9. Automatic recovery of power converters that trip in LINAC3, TRANSFER LINES & LEIR

NA Ion interlock:

  1. NA ion interlock

Diagnostic of faults:

If the beam is injected and circulates but it is not accelerated could be due to: RF trip or b_train crate trip

  1. If the RF trip: RF faults diagnostics
  2. If the b_train create trip: check in DIAMON the status of the front-end "dleibgen", it it is RED check which service is down and re-start, if does not help, reboot the crate.

If the beam is injected but the intensity starts to decay with time during the injection plateau:

  1. E-cooler: electron current not nominal this fault does not show any status fault in the e-cooler system!!
  2. E-cooler system trip: open the LEIR Status Inspector application, check if any of the e-cooler status box is red. You can also open the e-cooler inspector application. Try to restart the e-cooler by executing the LEIR Sequence to power on the e-cooler (accesible through the quick launch panel QLP, tab ==> ecooler). If does not work, call the e-cooler expert.

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